Psychiatry Services

We provide evaluation, medication management, psychotherapy and psychoanalysis in downtown New York City, to treat a wide range of mental health concerns.


A full psychiatric evaluation, with time for discussion of my diagnosis, and various treatment options. This can generally be completed in an hour and a half, to two hours. Evaluations are always in-person, both because I can better assess you in-person, and because New York State law requires an in-person meeting before I can prescribe certain medications. Follow-up meetings can be virtual or in-person, though I always prefer in-person. I am fully vaccinated against Covid.

Medication Management

Management of patients on psychoactive medications. If not also in psychotherapy, visits are generally less than a half hour, once a month or so. Medication can be very effective for depression, anxiety, mood swings, attention deficit disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and psychosis.


Weekly talk therapy, generally 45-50 minutes, to help you find find solutions to difficult situations, learn more about yourself and others, and motivate you to make positive changes in your life. In severe situations, it can be very helpful to combine psychotherapy with medication, at least initially.


A long-term form of psychotherapy which attempts to bring into conscious awareness the effects of the unconscious mind on your thoughts and activities. Psychoanalysis is not for everyone, as it requires patience, the ability to tolerate emotional pain, and the ability to observe and verbalize your feelings. It also requires time, money, and commitment.  However, the benefits, in understanding yourself and others, cannot be obtained in any other way.


Click the “Book Online” button for fees. While I do not work directly with insurance, many of my patients receive reimbursement through out-of-network benefits. Ultimately, the purpose of money is to make us happy.  Investing directly in your emotional well-being is perhaps the best investment we can make.