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Struggling with grief, anxiety, low self-esteem, intrusive thoughts, depression, addiction? Unable to get things done, or move on in your life?

Need help?

Finding a psychiatrist who has the experience and knowledge to help, and who you are comfortable with, is an important first step.

My psychiatry and psychotherapy practice is conveniently located in downtown Manhattan, where I’ve provided compassionate, effective help to a select clientele for over a decade.

My extensive medical, psychiatric, psychodynamic, and Jungian analytic training, my past work experience as a stockbroker, financial analyst, computer programmer, early intervention service coordinator, and drug and alcohol HIV/AIDS outreach worker all help me better understand and relate with my patients.

As a psychiatrist I can offer psychotherapy and medications to help you feel better as quickly as possible. I am knowledgeable about the latest treatments for depression, anxiety, opiate and alcohol addiction, attention deficit disorder, PTSD and other mental health conditions. As a psychotherapist, I can help you find inner strength, new levels of adaptability, and new potentials.

I invite you to come in for an evaluation. There are new medications, such as ketamine for severe depression and anxiety, suboxone for opiate addiction, naltrexone for alcohol addiction, and even medical marijuana and derivatives, that are helping many patients.

See my reviews, over the years I’ve helped many people, from many walks of life, with many different issues to feel better.

I look forward to helping you!